About Us

About the Foundation

I do unto others as
I would wish others
to do unto me

In this ambitious and competitive world, people are moving away from humanitarian values, spirituality, non-violence and self-awareness. There is a serious need to embrace spiritual ways that can provide guidance, initiate practice and wake up consciousness inside human souls. With an objective to kindle human awareness and enlighten a revering path towards truthfulness, self-growth and compassion, Ivalyou Foundation was established by a learned spiritual guru Shri Pawan Kumar Mishra in 2017.

Shri Pawan Kumar Mishra, an acclaimed Vedic Astrologer and Spiritual guide, has unconditionally devoted his life in uplifting and guiding people from all across the world towards living a compassionate, content and meaningful life. He has been serving people since he was 12 years old in different effective ways i.e. envisioning their future, providing spiritual guidance or through healing prayers. He calls himself, “Your wake-up assistant”. He has also provided spiritual guidance and consultancy at leadership programs of Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and to European Organizations.


“I am an Ocean, I belong to all, all belong to me, all are me, and I am all.”

Ivalyou Foundation believes in promoting non-violence, spirituality and consciousness towards our core human values amongst people of India and all across the world. With an objective to inculcate its beliefs, it will serve, guide, work and pray for all the living beings unconditionally by introducing innovative initiatives and effective means i.e. workshops, spiritual tours, guidance, mentoring or meditation programs etc. We envisage a world free from non-violence and thus, we will put in great efforts to engage individuals, families, groups and companies in self-identifying their weaknesses or negative attributes and then, transforming them into their strengths and positive attributes by way of our programs.

The foundation is a non-profit making organization, which is rigorously working to bring a positive transformation in the society by helping them understand following 5 core principles:-
  • As I sow, so shall I reap.
  • I am full of joy. I shall inhale joy and exhale love.
  • My ultimate goal is to attain Moksha through my Karma
  • Sewa,that is serving Earth along with All Her Beings
  • My suffering is due to 5 causes and no one else they are
  • Ignorance
  • Ego
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Fear

In order to reach our coveted vision and beliefs, we are indulged in several charitable, spiritual and other initiatives by way of training or mentoring programs, personal/group sessions, workshops or collaborations etc.