Ivalyou Infusion Model

Our “Ivalyou” Infusion Model emphasizes on four key points i.e. Intension, Expression, Infusion and Edyoucation.
Stage I: Intention
“I shall become non-violent towards all, I shall become compassionate towards all”.

The main idea of this stage is to explore, understand, discuss and identify the primary causes in one’s life that are acting as barriers/diablers for one to lead a content and meaningful life. What is the primary cause or diabler? We believe that violence, ego, anger, stress, competition, insecurity, fear etc. are some of the main causes that are the root of all the troubles in a human being’s life. The outcome of these causes is devastating and catastrophic for both one’s own self as well as other who live near to him. In our eyes, the only solutions or antidote to a number of many destructive problems is to follow the path of non-violence i.e. ahimsa. In other words, it is expressed as active compassion in general and as love in personal relationships.

Our key action in this stage is to conduct an open dialogue with students by way of theatre, games and other engaging ways.

Stage II: Edyoucation
“Let’s co-create a compassionate world”

Next stage after Intention is to explore the meaning of ‘You’ for a person. Here, our core focus is to make one realize the negative consequences of violence on your body and mind, personal and social relationships as well as whole environment. It will enhance our understanding towards the severities of our violence on people around us, living beings, mother-earth and our health. We at “Ivalyou” infuse a sense of respect towards “you” in all its connotations and dimensions. We believe that the best way to overcome fear, insecurity and violence is by embracing compassion, co-operation and co-creation.

Our key action to gain our objective is by educating and sharing information about various aspects of violence and compassion through interactive classrooms, audio-visuals, written material, field visits and outstation camps; interaction with other groups and dialogues with experts; theatre; games.

Stage III - Infusion
‘If compassion is one’s Intention, then only Infusion can bring compassion to life.’

This stage enables you to experiment your learning about “Ivalyou” principles of non-violence and compassion in practical life. Here, we guide students, their parents and teachers to interact as well as share ideas to put in practice the points you have learnt in ‘Intention’ and ‘Edyoucation’ stages. We believe that children are true faces of innocence and with right encouragement and guidance only, they can excellently embrace human values i.e. compassion, love, respect, non-violence. It is the responsibility of the students to comprehend and perceive Infusion; else the objective of obtaining intensive and extensive Edyoucation will go in vain. It requires in-depth mentoring and absolute support. Here, we make use of “Ivalyou” Infusion Mirror (assessment tool) to indicate the progress of infusion within our students and enable us to give any further guidance, if necessary.

Our Key Action is to gain reflection of ‘Infusion progress’ by writing a daily journal; putting “Ivalyou” into practice; asking questions; mentoring one-another in the practice; out-station camps; assessment of progress in infusion.

Stage IV - Expression

Expression is the result of Edyoucation and Infusion, which is evident from behavior, thoughts and actions of students. It focuses on learning the changes and transitions that need to bring about in order to express non-hurt. It is a path that escorts to self-reflection of what has been learnt and actual infusion of learnt values. The students adapt ‘non-hurt’ to be their core lifeline and non-violable, non-compromising, sacred value. At the end, students express the values and beliefs of ‘Ivalyou’ in their daily life through their words, actions and thoughts.

Our key action is to review the infusion of learnings preached by “Ivalyou” in reality and thereby, inspiring others to live a life infused with compassion.