Ivalyou Infusion Program

It is believed that the best time to inculcate good habits and values in human beings is when they are young, innocent and uncorrupted. The Foundation takes this opportunity to make use of its potential to positively transform the society by way of ‘Ivalyou Foundation Program’. Under this program, we intent to instigate humanitarian values and foster the charismatic strength of non-violence in young minds by aligning with various schools from different cities, towns and states of India.

Our collaboration with schools will enable us to organize programs and workshops for the students from the age of 5 – 18 years at their school premises. Our core focus would be to impart them importance of non-violence and its essence in building a positive society. We believe that they are our future and with better guidance towards our human values, they can bring progressive transition and can thereby safeguard our traditions, resources and values.

The key areas of focus of this program will be:-
Non Violence for self
The main emphasis here would be to fight against internal causes that lead to our own suffering. These evil causes are insecurity, fear, ego, ignorance, anger, greed, material likes etc. which weaken our minds and destroy our inner conscience. We will teach those ways to overcome these causes and evils that are restraining us to achieve non-violence within ourselves.
Non Violence for others
Our next core area will be to guide them on cause and effects of non-violence for others. We should find ways to forgive others and bring positive transformation. It is important to respect family and elders, hence, there is a need to learn good values and traditions from them.
Non Violence for Society
In order to develop a strong, cooperative and fruitful society, there is a need for people to donate in cash or kind for its betterment. If each person contributes something for a good cause like child care, orphan care, old-age institutions, women development, cleanliness etc., then we are bringing goodness within our souls and non-violence in society as a whole.
Non Violence for Environment
We believe that all living beings are equal in the eyes of God whether they are human, animals, insects or plants. Nature is our mother and we must learn ways to preserve the gifts endowed to us by nature. It can be done by donating in cash or kind to such organizations which are doing great work to preserve our environment.