Ivalyou School Program

What is “Ivalyou”?
“Ivalyou” is a means to enlighten a soul-building path and an initiative to shift human consciousness towards humanitarian values i.e. truthfulness, compassion, self-growth, empathy, non-violence etc. Today, countries are making great progress in different fields of life but, in this race to succeed, people are forgetting the meaning and significance of real human values. “Ivalyou” inspire and encourage mankind to look into their insights and retain those values that make them human.
Why should “Ivalyou” be infused in all human beings, especially in children?
Nowadays, schools and educational institutions are only emphasizing on providing subjective and objective education. Our education system is not focusing on inculcating human values, which is extremely important for the real growth of children. Children are our future and our hope to build a value-enriched society. So, there is a need to infuse our beliefs in the young minds of our children, which can be excellently imparted in them by formulating a meaningful collaboration between ‘Ivalyou’ and Schools.
What are the benefits of living a life infused with “Ivalyou”?
A life infused with “Ivalyou” is the only way to live a meaningful human life. It will help people fight against causes that lead to violence and self-destruction. It empowers their soul and enables them to overcome their inner challenges. This is the righteous way to bring positive transformation in the human society and stimulate self-growth in absolute way.
What is the vision of “Ivalyou” Foundation?
Ivalyou Foundation envisages a world free from violence and intent to inculcate core human values amongst people from all across the world by innovative and effective means. We aim to bring a spiritual revolution in the society which can help people to recognize their intrinsic weaknesses or negativity and guide them to transform it to their positive strengths.
What does “Ivalyou” Foundation do?
“Ivalyou” foundation is a non-profit making organization, which is rigorously working to bring a positive transformation in the society. In order to reach our coveted vision and beliefs, we are indulged in commencing several charitable, spiritual and other initiatives by way of training or mentoring programs, personal/group sessions, workshops or collaborations etc. Some of our prominent initiatives are Ivalyou infusion programs, NLS Meditation, Personal Mentoring Program, Asoul immersion etc.
Who are the people that make “Ivalyou” happen?
Ivalyou Foundation is a noble initiative by Ivalyou Wellness Enablers Group, which had been established by a learned spiritual guru Shri Pawan Kumar Mishra in 2017. Under his leadership and guidance, there are number of volunteers, members and mentors who are associated with the foundation to help it reach its meaningful objective and are humbly serving people in different ways.
How is “Ivalyou” proposed to be infused in school children?
Our Ivalyou School Program is introduced to infuse the values and beliefs of “Ivalyou” in the young and uncorrupted minds of school children. We intend to share our insights and ideas of inculcating values with the Principals and Headmasters of schools and educational institutions and thereby, commence this program in collaboration with schools across the country. Under this program, our main focus would be to imbibe these human values and their essence in living a healthy, content and purposeful life.